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Actor, Writer, Producer




I particularly vibe with stories & characters who deal with the mayhem associated with real or metaphoric death.


I'm a late bloomer - Graduated at age 41 Magna Cum Laude from the Boston Conservatory.

death Is my muse

After years on stage, I am looking to include more Film and Television in my schedule and have spent a year coaching privately with Jamie Carroll to understand the nuances of the camera. I’m always growing and continue studying with the best Shakespeare teacher in the world, Dr. Rob Clare, deepening my character work with Giles Foreman and Yat Malmgren's Theory of Movement Psychology & Character Analysis, and most recently exploring moment work with its creator, Moises Kaufman. When I’m not working, I’m creating work. My first play, an immersive true story entitled The Bloody Deed of 1857 was produced commercially and ran 11 weeks and was chosen by Ken Davenport for his Broadway Producer Pick List of 2019. I also created and produced a Sag-Aftra short web series and have two new plays and a web short under development.



Height: 5'.6"

Size: 6-8

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Hazel

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